Numerical rates for nucleon-nucleon, axion bremsstrahlung

Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Michael S. Turner

APS » Journals » Phys. Rev. D » Volume 38 » Issue 8 Phys. Rev. D 38, 2338–2348 (1988) © 1988 The American Physical Society


We numerically evaluate the axion emission rate from nucleon-nucleon, axion bremsstrahlung for arbitrary nucleon degeneracy(ies). Our numerical rates agree with analytical results previously derived in the degenerate and nondegenerate limits. While the conditions in the newly born, hot neutron star associated with SN1987A are semidegenerate, the nondegenerate, analytical rate is found to be a very good approximation (accurate to better than a factor of 2), while the degenerate, analytical rate overestimates axion emission by a factor of ?20–100.


Tags: axion emission, bremsstrahlung, hot neutron, nucleon degeneracy, semidegenerate