The recovery behavior of semi-insulating GaAs in electron-beam-controlled switches

D.C Stoudt, Karl H. Schoenbach, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, V.K Lakdawala, G.A Gerdin

Trans. on IEEE ,Volume 37, Issue 12,2478 - 2485


Semi-insulating GaAs is experimentally studied with respect to its application in electron-beam-controlled switches. The dark current through the switch is measured both before and after electron-beam irradiation. A lock-on effect, similar to that seen in photoconductive switches, is observed after the electron beam is terminated. This effect is characterized by the switch current continuing to flow, locked to a certain voltage, as long as the voltage is applied across the switch. A possible explanation for this effect, based on the process of electron and hole injection at the contacts, is presented. A method to minimize double injection is offered to make the electron-beam-controlled switch, along with the photoconductive switch, practical for use as both an opening and closing switch.


Tags: dark current, double injection, electron-beam irradiation, electron-beam-controlled switches, GaAs, photoconductive switches, Semi-insulating