Spectral Kinetic Simulation of the Planar Multipol-Resonance-Probe

Michael Friedrichs, Sebastian Wilczek, Jens Oberrath, Junbo Gong, Wladislaw Dobrygin, Christian Schilling, Ralf Peter Brinkmann

WELT­PP-18, De­cem­ber 3-4, 2015 at Rol­duc, Kerk­ra­de, the Nether­lands


The measurement of important plasma parameters as the electron density and the electron temperature during the plasma process is a crucial requirement to enable stable processes and reproducible results. An attractive diagnostic method is based on the term Active Plasma Resonance Spectroscopy (APRS), which takes advantage of the properties of plasmas to resonate in the near the plasma frequency. The Multipol-Resonance-Probe (MRP) is one concept of the APRS and was developed during the Project PLuTO (Plasma and Optical Technology). The spherical design of the MRP allows a simple modelling to extract the electron density by detecting the resonance frequency. An alternative design, using a planar shape, tries to overcome the problem of local disturbance of the plasma by integrating the probe into the walls of the chamber. In this work we present a spectral kinetic approach for a simulation of the planar MRP focussing on kinetic effects of the plasma. The derivation of the program and some first results are shown.