Wave Digital Emulation of a Double Barrier Memristive Device

Karlheinz Ochs, Enver Solan, Sven Dirkmann, Thomas Mussenbrock

IEEE 59th International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems, 17.Oktober 2016, Abu Dhabi


A memristor is a novel elementary passive device which is essentially a resistor with memory. This new device is capable of different technical applications like non-volatile memory, reconfigurable logic, and neuromorphic computation. Unfortunately, the commercial use of memristors is not common, which complicates the fabrication of devices with an arbitrarily desired functionality. This makes an investigation and develop- ment of real memristive circuits dedicated to a specific utilization very cumbersome. In order to circumvent these problems, we propose a wave digital memristor emulator, which is inherently passive like its analog counterpart. Due to its passivity even stable neuromorphic computation circuits with unpredictable interconnection structure can reliably be emulated.

tags: Memristive, Memristor, resistive switching