Current students

lapstudentsws2013 In November 2013 some of our LAP students met each other in the Botanic Garden at RUB.

Our experiences

yuqiu Yu Qiu, China (enrolled in WS 2013) Interdisciplinary, interesting and international are the most three words I’d like to describe LAP in RUB. We have flexible choice of subjects, and we can see great future in the mixed field of optics, lasers, and photonics, not only in current research but also in commercial applications. Professors here are authoritative and kindly, classmates are also friendly, I am satisfied with my decision.

muhammadabdullahumer Muhammad Abdullah Umer, Pakistan (enrolled in WS 2013) I found the program to be very educational and full of valuable information. Every day here was just another confirmation that I chose the right place to come and learn about lasers and Photonics. With the skills that you acquire in the LAP program you will not only be capable of working in the Laser and photonics sector but could have a hand in shaping its future. This program opens doors for you to a broad range of career opportunities.

aldolile Aldo Lile, Albania (enrolled in WS 2013) Nice decision, great perspectives!!! My first thought on studying LAP was about my future job opportunities as it opens a lot of doors and gives you the chance to work in a large variety of fields. Furthermore the study program itself is made in a way that the candidate has the freedom to choose among modules that are interesting for him even from other faculties. Last but not least I would like to mention that everyone who is involved with the program is very helpful providing information and help to any aspect and problem that may occur. It was the best decision I could possibly make.

rubengordon Ruben Gordon, Germany (enrolled in SoS 2013) I decided to study LAP, because the interaction between electronics and optics greatly interests me. Photonics is one of the key technologies for the future, as it covers very important parts of our civilization, such as power, information and medical technology. For instance, with solar cells we can use the sun’s energy to generate electricity. LEDs help us to save energy in the field of lighting. Specific lasers can improve the sight of the eyes and others are used to transport the data of the internet. Moreover, I like the fact that the program is international and focused on research. The lecturers are very experienced and kind, and in addition the atmosphere among the students is excellent.