course: Master Seminar Biomedical Engineering

teaching methods:
responsible person:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Schmitz
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Schmitz (ETIT)
offered in:
summer term

dates in summer term

  • kick-off meeting: Monday the 12.04.2021
  • seminar Mondays: from 14:15 to 17.00 o'clock


Die Angaben zu den Prüfungsmodalitäten (im WiSe 2020/2021 | SoSe 2021) erfolgen vorbehaltlich der aktuellen Situation. Notwendige Änderungen aufgrund universitärer Vorgaben werden zeitnah bekanntgegeben.
Form of exam:seminar
Registration for exam:Directly with the lecturer
continual assessment


After successful completion of the module, students have the ability to independently explore a selected topic area. This includes literature search taking into account international specialist literature and relevant databases, as well as the analysis, selection and evaluation of sources. They are able to structure and summarize scientific content, prepare a written paper and a presentation. You have a good command of common presentation techniques (technical and rhetorical) and are able to explain a scientific topic in terms of content and to answer questions. They can analyse other presentations, reflect on presentation techniques and formulate constructive criticism.


This year's seminar will focus on the topic of "Deep Learning" based on the book by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville. On the one hand, the seminar will deal with basic concepts of deep learning, and on the other hand with the architecture of typical networks and their applications.

The seminar does not require any special prior knowledge of medical engineering. Thus, it is also suitable for interested students of other study areas. The topics offered are prepared by the students, worked out in writing and presented in lectures. The lectures will be discussed with regard to content and presentation.



recommended knowledge

Knowledge of system theory and signal processing, corresponding to those taught as basics in the lectures of the bachelor's program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Basic knowledge of neural networks would be helpful.


Dieses Seminar wird über Moodle organisiert. Sie können sich ab dem 1.04.2021 im Moodle-Kurs anmelden. Das Passwort lautet: Goodfellow

Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie in der Vorbesprechung (Zoom) am 12.04.2021, 14:15 Uhr.