course: semiconductor technology

teaching methods:
lecture with integrated tutorials
computer based presentation, black board and chalk
responsible person:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Hoffmann
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wieser (ETIT)
offered in:
winter term

dates in winter term

  • start: Wednesday the 28.10.2020
  • lecture Wednesdays: from 14:15 to 15.45 o'clock in Online
  • tutorial Wednesdays: from 16:00 to 16.45 o'clock in Online


Die Angaben zu den Prüfungsmodalitäten (im WiSe 2020/2021 | SoSe 2021) erfolgen vorbehaltlich der aktuellen Situation. Notwendige Änderungen aufgrund universitärer Vorgaben werden zeitnah bekanntgegeben.

Date according to prior agreement with lecturer.

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Starting from the basics in the field of materials science the participants understand fundamental aspects of the preparation techniques of modern semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Therewith the graduate of the course is prepared for the specific challenges of the industrial semiconductor process technology.


For the preparation of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits a variety of different technological processes are necessary. First you need to produce highly pure semiconductor crystals in form of wafers representing the base material for microelectronics. Subsequently the wafers are oxidized, coated, patterned, doped and divided by various processes and finally bonded and packed as devices or integrated circuits. The course "Semiconductor Technology" provides a basic understanding of important processes and techniques concerning the preparation of semiconductor devices. The content of the course includes topics like:

  • production of highly pure single crystals
  • epitaxial techniques
  • oxidation processes
  • lithography methods
  • etching processes
  • deposition processes
  • doping techniques
  • assembly and packaging technology



recommended knowledge

  • Basics of Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Electronic Materials
  • Electronic Devices


Im Wintersemester 2020/2021 wird diese Vorlesung als online-gestützte Veranstaltung ohne Präsenzveranstaltungen durchgeführt.

Beginn ist Mittwoch, der 28.10.2020.

Die Selbsteinschreibung in den Moodle-Kurs ist nur vom 16.10.2020 bis zum 01.11.2020 möglich.

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