course: English for Specific Academic Purposes: Producing and Presenting a Scientific Poster

teaching methods:
lecture with tutorials
responsible person:
LAP Coordinator (Prof. Dr. Martin R. Hofmann)
Kara Callahan (extern)
offered in:
summer term

dates in summer term

  • start: Monday the 19.04.2021
  • lecture with integrated tutorials Mondays: from 08:00 to 10.00 o'clock


Die Angaben zu den Prüfungsmodalitäten (im WiSe 2020/2021 | SoSe 2021) erfolgen vorbehaltlich der aktuellen Situation. Notwendige Änderungen aufgrund universitärer Vorgaben werden zeitnah bekanntgegeben.
Form of exam:seminar
Registration for exam:FlexNow
continual assessment
description of exam:

A written exercise in form of, for instance, a scientific paper abstract or a poster presentation has to be accomplished.


The aim of this course is to provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to enable you to speak and write more effectively about your subject area and participate actively in courses, seminars and working groups of your study programme.

Assessment: The course grade will be based on the written and the oral versions of the poster presentation.


As in Part 1 of the course (English for aca­de­mic pur­po­ses), students will receive training in all of the language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) required for effective participation in the Laser and Photonics master programme.

To this end, we will continue to work on authentic texts relevant to the field of Lasers and Photonics (extracts from textbooks, texts from scientific journals, popular science magazines etc.) to further develop your reading skills and improve your understanding and use of key terminology.

The main focus of the writing component is a poster presentation. Together we will go through the steps necessary to create an authentic scientific poster to present your field of research interest. During a simulated poster presentation session, you will present your research to other students and invited guests.



recommended knowledge

Successful completion of "Lasers and Photonics - English for Aca­de­mic pur­po­ses" (Part 1).