course: Computer-aided Circuit Analysis

teaching methods:
lecture with tutorials
responsible person:
Prof. Dr. Ralf Peter Brinkmann
Prof. Dr. Ralf Peter Brinkmann (ETIT), M. Sc. Dennis Krüger (ETIT), Dr.-Ing. Pierre Mayr (ETIT)
offered in:
summer term

dates in summer term

  • start: Friday the 24.04.2020 siehe "Sonstiges"
  • lecture Fridays: from 14:15 to 16.45 o'clock


All statements pertaining to examination modalities (for the summer/winter term of 2020) are given with reservations. Changes due to new requirements from the university will be announced as soon as possible.
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The participants have acquired basic knowledge of computer-aided engineering work using the example of SPICE and Mathematica. They both got to know simulators and understand how to apply them. Practical exercises are selected with a view to the contents of the study of electrical engineering and information technology. Both parts are divided into lectures in the lecture hall HID and exercises at the CIP pool of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.


The course "Computer aided circuit analysis" consists of two parts: Part I: Introduction to circuit simulation with "SPICE" Part II: Introduction to the computer algebra system (CAS) "Mathematica".

In the first part the students learn to describe circuits (amplifier, filter, DC-AC converter) on the netlist level and as a circuit diagram, and to simulate them in both time and frequency domain. It is shown how the models of the components (transistors, operational amplifiers, resistors, etc.) are created and adapted. In addition, the operation of the simulator itself is addressed in order to adjust it to the requirements of the analysis.

In the second section, students are taught the structure of the computer algebra system Mathematica so that they can solve mathematical problems symbolically and numerically. Various examples, from linear systems of equations up to differential equations are addressed. Solutions are represented with the help of curves and figures.



recommended knowledge

In order to be able to independently understand and solve the examples and exercises, the following events should be successfully completed:

  • General Electrical Engineering 1-3
  • Electronic Components



Dear students,

in the context of digital teaching, the course "Computer Aided Circuit Analysis" is offered as a zoom meeting. The meetings will take place at the times indicated above. The corresponding link to the meeting will be announced in moodle. There you will also find further information material:

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