course: Mechatronic Drive Systems

teaching methods:
lecture with tutorials
computer based presentation
responsible person:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Constantinos Sourkounis
Dr.-Ing. Matthias Krüger (extern), M. Sc. Florian Bendrat (ETIT), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Constantinos Sourkounis (ETIT)
offered in:
summer term

dates in summer term

  • start: Tuesday the 20.04.2021
  • lecture Tuesdays: from 10:15 to 11.45 o'clock
  • tutorial Tuesdays: from 12:15 to 13.45 o'clock


Date according to prior agreement with lecturer.

Form of exam:oral
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The students will be able to mathematically model complex drive systems considering the interactions of the subsystems. They will manage to design and understand higher-level control approaches.


In the lecture 'Mechatronic Drive Systems', the methods of the system description are initially taught. Afterwards, the transfer functions of the elementary system units (gearbox, torsional elastic coupling, power electronic actuators, sensors, mechanical-electrical energy converters, electric drive motors), the discretization of the system structure and modelling with special emphasis on stationary and dynamic behavior will be discussed in detail. In order to be able to mathematically model these complex systems, an order reduction is required, for which, methods will be presented. As part of the theoretical and experimental system analysis, complete drive systems with the associated controls (speed and torque control as well as active torsional vibration damping) are finally modeled and designed.



recommended knowledge

Physics, power electronics, control engineering


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