course: Master-Seminar Wearable Sensors and Systems

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aydin Sezgin
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Aydin Sezgin (ETIT), M. Sc. Sampath Thanthrige (ETIT)
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All statements pertaining to examination modalities (for the summer/winter term of 2020) are given with reservations. Changes due to new requirements from the university will be announced as soon as possible.
Form of exam:seminar
Registration for exam:Directly with the lecturer
continual assessment


The students will learn how to deal with technical and scientific literature and the presentation of scientific results.


The development of sensors in small devices with powerful processors such as smart phones, iWatch or smart bands enables a precise tracking of the environment and subsequently offering an appropriate service. This requires a combination of signal processing at sensors, machine learning, and communications which will be studied in this course. The discussed topics address the applications such as localization, navigation, and activity recognition with distributed sensors. To solve these application problems, the methods of sensor signal processing, sensor nets, data fusion, machine learning, and data mining are considered. The topics will be assigned in a preliminary appointment to participants.

Every student should give a presentation about the chosen topic in English and submit a report of 20 pages (in English or German). Each presentation is followed by a discussion.



recommended knowledge

Principles of Signal and System Theory


Da für das Se­mi­nar eine aus­rei­chen­de An­zahl an mög­li­chen Vor­trags­the­men vor­be­rei­tet wer­den muss, ist die Vor­an­mel­dung im Se­kre­ta­ri­at Di­gi­ta­le Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­sy­te­me ID 2/347 bis spä­tes­tens eine Woche vor dem ers­ten Ter­min zwin­gend er­for­der­lich! Aus­ar­bei­tung: Für die Aus­ar­bei­tung soll­te eine La­TeX-Vor­la­ge (z.B. IEEE­tran mit DIN A4, zwei­spal­ti­ger Text) be­nutzt wer­den und 20 Sei­ten (einspaltig) nicht über­schrei­ten. Vor­trag: Die Dauer des Vor­trags ist 20 Mi­nu­ten mit einer an­schlie­ßen­den Fra­gen- und Dis­kus­si­ons­run­de von 5-10 Mi­nu­ten. Es ist emp­feh­lens­wert, den Vor­trag all­ge­mein ver­ständ­lich zu hal­ten. Back­up-Fo­li­en wer­den emp­foh­len. Spra­che: Der Vor­trag kann wahl­wei­se in Deutsch oder Eng­lisch sein.