course: Managing Uncertainty in Transmission System Operation

teaching methods:
lecture with tutorials
overhead transparencies, computer based presentation
responsible person:
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Constantinos Sourkounis
Dr.-Ing. Tilman Ringelband (extern)
offered in:
winter term

dates in winter term

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Students gain an overview on the state of the art and ongoing developments concerning operational planning and real-time operation in the control centres of Transmission System Operators. They will understand why a forward-looking approach to network operation and system control is needed. Furthermore, they will be able to analyse and model the uncertainties that need to be taken into account when operating a Transmission System. Students learn by which methods grid related and market related remedial actions are planned and optimised and which legal requirements need to be complied with in that context. Load-frequency control will be presented as a means to manage the uncertainty of power balance in the Transmission System. Starting from their newly gained knowledge about calculation processes in real-time operation students will be familiarised with current developments in the field of curative remedial actions.


While market integration and decarbonisation proceed in the Internal Market for Electricity the power-flow in the transmission network is increasingly prone to uncertainty due to volatile influence factors. The properties of network assets also have a time-dependency that is considered in operational processes more and more. This lecture presents the state of the art concerning the management of time-variant system states from the week-ahead timeframe up to post-fault remedial actions. Outlooks on upcoming developments will be presented, focusing on probabilistic coordinated security assessment and novel methods in system operations.

recommended knowledge

Suggested: Calculation of Electric Power Distribution Networks