Nummer Name Dozent
1 141082 Electrical Power Economics Dennersmann, Jürgen
2 251231 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Researching and Writing a Scientific Paper Callahan, Kara
3 251230 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Producing and Presenting a Scientific Poster Callahan, Kara
4 141069 Cognitive Sensorik Brüggenwirth, Stefan
5 141067 Electronic Circuits for Industrial Flow Measurement Brockhaus, Helmut
6 141080 Calculation of Electric Power Distributions Networks Brandes, Walter
7 141269 Photovoltaics Borchert, Dietmar
8 141262 Maths for Laser engineers Benning, Martin
9 251251 Technical English: Basics Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
10 251250 Technical English: Projects and management in technical contexts Benford (University Language Centre), Michael