Nummer Name Dozent
1 142061 Master-Practical Course on Usable Security and Privacy Dürmuth, Markus
2 142363 Master Practical Research Course Human-Centred Security Sasse, Martina Angela
3 141031 Cryptography on Hardware-based Platforms Güneysu, Tim
4 144004 Colloquium ITS Hochschullehrer der Fakultät ET/IT
5 141247 Introduction to System Safety Engineering and Management Güneysu, Tim
6 141024 Implementation of Cryptographic Schemes Schellenberg, Falk
7 141341 Human Aspects of Cryptography Adoption and Use Sasse, Martina Angela
8 142240 Practical Course Fundamentals of IT Security Schwenk, Jörg
9 141044 Fundamentals of Automatic Speech Recognition Kolossa, Do­ro­thea
10 141374 Fundamentals of GPU Programming Eremin, Denis