Nummer Name Dozent
1 143249 Bachelor-Seminar Human Centered Security and Privacy Sasse, Martina Angela
2 143243 Bachelor Seminar Current topics in IT Security Holz, Thorsten
3 143241 Bachelor Seminar Network and Data Security Schwenk, Jörg
4 143107 Bachelor Seminar Information Technology Hochschullehrer der Fakultät ET/IT
5 143106 Bachelor Seminar Electronics Hochschullehrer der Fakultät ET/IT
6 142362 Practical Research Course Human-Centred Security Sasse, Martina Angela
7 142245 Practical Course TLS Implementation Schwenk, Jörg
8 142244 Bachelor Practical Course Hacking Techniques Schwenk, Jörg
9 142242 Bachelor Project Network and Data Security Schwenk, Jörg
10 142240 Practical Course Fundamentals of IT Security Schwenk, Jörg