Nummer Name Dozent
1 251251 Technical English: Basics Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
2 251250 Technical English: Projects and management in technical contexts Benford (University Language Centre), Michael
3 141262 Maths for Laser engineers Benning, Martin
4 141269 Photovoltaics Borchert, Dietmar
5 141080 Calculation of Electric Power Distributions Networks Brandes, Walter
6 141067 Electronic Circuits for Industrial Flow Measurement Brockhaus, Helmut
7 141069 Cognitive Sensorik Brüggenwirth, Stefan
8 251231 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Researching and Writing a Scientific Paper Callahan, Kara
9 251230 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Producing and Presenting a Scientific Poster Callahan, Kara
10 141082 Electrical Power Economics Dennersmann, Jürgen
11 140005 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
12 140013 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
13 141347 Digital Forensics Fein, Christofer
14 141122 Antennas for Mobile and Satellite Communication Systems Geissler, Matthias
15 141268 Methods and Instruments of Technology Management Gochermann, Josef
16 141081 Dynamic Processes in Electric Power Distribution Systems Grebe, Eckhard
17 141084 Control of Induction Machines Heising, Carsten
18 141124 Analogue CMOS-Circuits for Mobile Communication Systems Issakov, Vadim
19 141364 Plasma Technology for Semiconductor Manufacturing Klick, Michael
20 141368 Radia Frequency Technology and Electrostatic Substrate clamping for technical plasmas Klick, Michael