Nummer Name Dozent
1 141067 Electronic Circuits for Industrial Flow Measurement Brockhaus, Helmut
2 251230 English for Specific Academic Purposes: Producing and Presenting a Scientific Poster Callahan, Kara
3 140005 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
4 140013 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
5 141122 Antennas for Mobile and Satellite Communication Systems Geissler, Matthias
6 141368 Radia Frequency Technology and Electrostatic Substrate clamping for technical plasmas Klick, Michael
7 141400 Mechatronic Drive Systems Krüger, Matthias
8 141089 Smart Grids Laskowski, Michael
9 141168 Embedded Multimedia Theimer, Wolfgang