Nummer Name Dozent
1 142064 Bachelor Practical Course Electronic Circuits Musch, Thomas
2 144001 Bachelor Thesis ETIT Hochschullehrer der Fakultät ET/IT
3 144003 Colloquium ETIT Hochschullehrer der Fakultät ET/IT
4 142301 Master Practical Course Advanced layout design of integrated circuits Oehm, Jürgen
5 142300 Master Internship Basics of Layout Design of Integrated Circuits Oehm, Jürgen
6 142180 Master Practical Course Design of High Frequency Integrated Circuits with Cadance Pohl, Nils
7 142269 Master Project Optics Fundamentals Hofmann , Martin R.
8 142379 Master Project Humanitarian Technology Baer, Christoph
9 142203 Master Project Communication Systems Sezgin, Aydin
10 142101 Master Project Plasma Technology Awakowicz, Peter