Nummer Name Dozent
1 142266 Com­pe­ti­ti­ve In­ter­na­tio­nal Re­se­arch Pro­ject Pre­sen­ta­ti­on Lecturers of the RUB
2 142265 Competitive International Research Project Lecturers of the RUB
3 141109 free choice Lecturers of the RUB
4 141106 Free Choice of Courses Dozenten der RUB
5 141368 Radia Frequency Technology and Electrostatic Substrate clamping for technical plasmas Klick, Michael
6 141422 Laser Colloquium Saraceno, Clara J.
7 140005 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
8 140013 Courses at TU Dortmund Diverse (TU Dortmund)
9 144103 Master Thesis LAP Lecturers of the RUB
10 142301 Master Practical Course Advanced layout design of integrated circuits Oehm, Jürgen