The Effects of Elementary Surface Processes on the Plasma Parameters in Capacitively Coupled Radiofrequency Discharges

2017 - Aranka Derzsi, Benedek Horvath, Manaswi Daksha, Birk Berger, Sebastian Wilczek, Jan Trieschmann, Thomas Mussenbrock, Peter Awakowicz, Zoltan Donko, Julian Schulze

Workshop of the 70th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), USA, November 6, 2017

Kinetic Simulation of Mode Transitions and Hysteresis Effects in Low Pressure Capacitive Discharges

2014 - Sebastian Wilczek, Jan Trieschmann, Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Thomas Mussenbrock, Aran­ka Derz­si, Ihor Korolov, Zoltan Donko, Edmund Schüngel, Julian Schulze

The 41st IEEE International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) and the 20th International Conference on High-Power Particle Beams (Beams) 2014, Washington DC, USA, May 25 - 29, 2014