Investigation of Interactions between Plasmas and RF-Diagnostics: Challenges of Complex 3D-Electromagnetic Field Simulations

2013 - Christian Schulz, Ilona Rolfes

Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (APSURSI), pp. 2181-2182, DOI: 10.1109/APS.2013.6711749, Orlando, Florida, USA, July 7-13, 2013 [IEEE-Library]

The Multiple Resonance Probe: A Novel Device for Industry Compatible Plasma Diagnostics

2012 - Ralf Peter Brinkmann, Robert Storch, Martin Lapke, Jens Oberrath, Christian Schulz, Tim Styrnoll, Christian Zietz, Peter Awakowicz, Thomas Musch, Thomas Mussenbrock, Ilona Rolfes

65th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference 2012 , Vol. 57, No. 8 , Austin, Texas, USA, Oct 22–26, 2012